Friday, June 22, 2012

Ride Hard - Live Strong!

The Warrior Within

Ride Hard, Live Strong.

Know the difference between compassion and weakness. Strength does not come from the hardness others see but from the vulnerability within.

A Cowboys Code; maybe, then maybe not? Ideals I have heard since I was a youngster tearing up the hills on a Northern Montana Indian Reservation. It did not matter if my ride was flesh and blood or cold steel. The mantra was the same. Something I have taken with me ever since; whether from the back of a Spirited Mustang, the seat of Harley Davidson or the arms of a Leathered Office Chair.

It is a story about risk, decision and passion. It is a story about inner strength and outer focus. It is a story built on the pillars of history and the vision of the future. It is a story about living in the here and now through the eyes of a warrior.

We are all warriors or should be!

We fight battles daily. We fight to maintain our economic position or to enhance our credibility with those around us. We fight to maintain the dignity of our individualism, as well as our family. We fight, daily, not to lose ourselves to the apathy of others who believe they are entitled to what we have worked hard for. Be it position, money or relationships.

We fight daily, to keep food on the table, gas in our cars and predators away from our children. We fight daily, to gain an education, to maintain our jobs, keep our homes and as we grow older; we fight, to keep a retirement that seems to be stolen from us by a system that has no soul.

Yes, we are all warriors; as well it should be; warriors to fight for an ideal with passion and personal commitment. To Ride Hard, and Live Strong, knowing the difference between compassion and weakness. We know that true strength does not come from Hardness but from our Vulnerability to care and take personal Responsibility and Accountability.

In this day and age of uncertainty, we need to use this vulnerability to develop strength and push forward to gain what is rightfully ours. It is a time to model what it is we want and fight for what is right. It is our time. It is YOUR time. It is the destiny of WARRIORS to rise up and take a stand….

Courage comes from within, as it is a true brother to fear. The obstacle doesn’t matter, as it is a personal choice of engagement, an engagement of life; a fight for integrity and dignity of the human spirit.

In times of disillusionment, it is a choice to gain and maintain vision. It is a time to gain a warriors heart and fight for what is your true desire. To fight for what is truly important to you. A time to identify what it is you want. It is a time to envision your dreams and a time to fight for your passion.

Again, it is a choice. It’s your choice. It’s my choice…. I have made mine.  Is it time to make yours…?.

Can you find that Warrior within? The choice is easier than the path… Yet, in my world it is a choice well worth taken…. And remember,

Ride hard, live strong. Know the difference between compassion and weakness, for Strength does not come from the hardness others see but from the vulnerability within.

Until next time, this Reservation Recluse says so long…. Take a deep seat, keep your vision focused and your powder dry.. One never knows what is coming up just around the next bend….

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