Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Musical Beds - An Equal Opportunity Employer

Or Is It Just An Exaggerated Response?

Do men really “sleep around” more than women or is this just a perception?

We all hear of the “stud muffin” who “beds” all that he sees and racks up numerous points on his “tally sheet”.

Is this a “fact” or a “figment” of his imagination?

Well, it appears that men are not all that good at keeping track of their extracurricular bedtime activities…. Ok girls, you are right. This is no news to you… You already knew this. You know he has not slept with you, no matter how good he tells everyone he is and to your knowledge he has not slept with any of your girlfriends either….…..

MMMM, what does this tell us about “reporting”?

Men it seems, tend to over exagerate and over estimate their sexual history. I know it’s a shock… Go figure… Research will soon be telling us that the “common measurement” is not true either; 8 inches is, in reality, only 4.5 and anything over 6 inches is not common either… then again, maybe some of you already know this.

Researchers, at the University of Alberta, think they have found a reason for this exaggeration. They found that “men” could not remember who they had been with and would “roughly” estimate their number of sexual encounters.

Women, on the other hand, remembered each of their partners and could easily keep a running tally. Two out of three women remembered who, where, what and when. They reported an average of 6.2 lovers, where men not likely to remember, left their calculations to guesswork… They reported an average of 11.9 bedtime partners…

It leaves me to question what body part was the .2 and .9. MMMMM, maybe that’s another story for yet another time.

Now for me, it leads to another question. If every time a man sleeps with a woman, a woman sleeps with a man. Does that mean that some women are getting more than their fair share? Or does it reinforce men’s exaggeration and guess work at figures as well his lack of paying any real attention to the matters “at hand”? Or is it simply those men like to see themselves as “greater lovers” and tend to believe their own “press”?

The other option is that there really are a few “Don Juan’s” who possess that “magic touch” and bed all within their sight line. I guess that explains the abundance of satisfied sheep along Interstate 5 going through Wyoming…. These Don Juan’s could have “skewed” the scale and screwed the, nah… I won’t go there… That really is another story for yet another time…. Promise!

Take this and couple it with a similar study from the State University of New York that found both men and women underestimate their partners past sexual history… I guess we all want to be the “man” and find our partner less experienced, even when that may not be the case… Perception, as they say, is our reality…

As for now, it’s time for this Reservation Recluse to engage in some fresh fieldwork… Now, do I ask myself these questions before I “score”, or after YOU score? I think I am confused…  Score?  Is that like the line on a peice of glass before your break it?

It seems it just might not be relative, as I may have already lied to myself before I lie to you…. If that’s the case, maybe it’s best to put all into the moment and take that 8-second ride… Only this time…. Remember her name… It may help the next time you take a jump out of the chute while going for another round.… then again “bragging rights” don’t have to be based in reality…. Just ask that fisherman-standing waist deep in water… He will tell you all about the ones that got away and about the one’s he has “mounted in the past”.

And as for you gals, we know you remember, but do you also consume what you flay? Sometimes it is all the same to US…. Maybe that's where we get messed up in the counting…. Or NOT…

Remember, making memories is what it’s all about, not keeping score… Or is it? I can’t seem to remember but I recall…..

Until later, it’s time to make a choice… I’ve made mine…. What is yours going to be? 6.2 or 11.9?

In your experience, does any of this really hold water? Let me know. I am anxious to hear.

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