Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If Words Could Heal...

Would YOU?

Now that’s a concept isn’t it?

We all know how destructive words can be. How quickly they penetrate the heart and how sometimes they travel right into the soul.

Words, as we all know, can be very damaging. Yet, we seem to let them run around unfettered and unsupervised.

We often pay little attention to words and their affects on others or ourselves. When attention is paid, it is because we somehow felt the effects of the attack while words were hurled misguided and unsupervised. “Ouch”! We then brace for the next barrage and try and protect ourselves the best we can; often in a misguided attack of our own.

Minimally we retreat trying to get as much distance from the “sting” as we can…..

Yes, we all know the damage words can cause but what if they could heal? How many times would you tell someone “I Love You”? How many times would you tell someone you appreciate them or how important they are to you, in both big and small ways?

How many times would you acknowledge someone’s presence with a simple “Hello, It’s good to see you.” Or how many “Thank You’s” would you give out during the day if you really knew and understood those words could heal.

That they could heal both the giver and receiver?

Yes, we all know the damage words can cause but what about the silence that often drives the words with a vengeance; the silence which is deafening, while the words penetrate the soul.

If words could heal would you use them to break the bonds of silence which isolates us from others and ourselves?

If words could heal would you use them? Or would you be afraid they may be misunderstood or maybe commit you to something you are not committed to do. If words could heal, would you become a Healer? Would you heal only those close to you? Would you heal only those who asked to be healed?

If words could heal, would you heal yourself? If words could heal would you use them once or would you use them over and over again? If words could heal would you take the oath to “do no harm”?

If words could heal; MMMMM, what do you think? Is it worth the effort to try?

Just for today pay attention to what you think and what you say…. You also may want to make an honest attempt to better someone’s life with an encouraging word, an acknowledgement of their presence, an expression of appreciation and validation of just being who they are….

Go ahead; tell someone you love how much you care and how important they are to you. Tell someone who challenges you something good about themselves and their importance in just being who they are.

I know, it’s a risk and you might “feel” awkward but what do you have to lose; your sense of isolation, your bad feeling?

Try today to be a Healer of Words. You may be surprised at what you find and what you experience. Make today the day you understand the importance of what you say and what you think. Make today the day you understand your importance and place in the scheme of things; that to make a difference may start with a single word.

As always, the choice is yours…… I’ve made mine….. Isn’t it time to make yours?

“The Journey begins; a simple path but a decision of significant consequence.”

If words could heal?  Would YOU?


Anonymous said...

Yes if words heal then I would use them. I often think words to be words must be seen, felt, heard, compared, strenthened , diluted and otherwise massaged until they are completely and totally understood by all participants. The word generator and the word receiver. Otherwise there is minimal and often a derrogatoy if not incomplete connection. I believe this is why words are unlikely to heal. However, I do believe they can elevate, desecrate, illuminate or salivate meanings and thoughts. So who gets healed? The tree that drops in the forest or the woodsman who doesn't hear because he is not there? The event has occured. Words are missing. So nothing has happened? No healing. Love your Bod Doctor Love Star!

Dr Michael A Emerson said...

But is there "no harm"...