Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kissing: What Does It Really Tell – Pleasure or Science…

Now I know I am not telling most of you something new. Especially the female gender out there… Kissing, tells…. And it tells a lot. Many find kissing more intimate than intercourse… More personal, more telling, more relaxing and more exciting…
A prelude to what is to come or NOT.

A kiss, is it social, political, biological, or just plain pleasurable? Whether one or all it is something that is cross-cultural. Kissing, in its various forms, can be found in over 90% of the worlds cultures and it very likely predates recorded history…. There must be something to it, this kissing thing.

I find it interesting that you can pay for sex, any kind of sex but a kiss is something one gives away. A gift, a mutual pleasure, even a test…. Yes, a test. A kiss is not just a prelude to sex and it is not just an activity to “get your motor running”. When one gives and receives a kiss, you are passing on vital genetic information. Not only are you picking up temperament and techniques, you are picking up and assessing if the other will become a good mate - a good father or a good mother. You are passing on genetic information and stimulating the brain. Getting weak in the knees and having your heart skip a few beats is just a bonus.

Medical anthropologists say that kissing is a part of the “biological mechanics” of choosing mates. It is called philematology. The science of kissing…. Now, how many of you have a PhD in that and you are not even anthropologists? Ok, way too much personal information. Let’s just keep this to science, or NOT.

The "escalation of osculation", or the rise of kissing is documented in art throughout the world and we can follow it back through the centuries. Kissing has even found its way into social graces of societies and politics; always assessing information and in turn, helping us make decisions. Politics, social graces, or mate selection, kissing became more and more important. Like other important things we tend to trivialize, kissing now has become an activity we place little emphasis on but highly praise. Yet, its benefits remain the same.

The brain is hard at work while the lips get all the glory and most of the fun… Kissing stimulates mirror neurons in the brain whose job is to produce empathy and reduce inhibition…. Mmmmm, now that’s an interesting factoid…How would one use that information on a hot date?

Now for you players out there, don’t get all excited as a kiss also releases and exchanges brain chemistry hormones such as cortisol; a stress related hormone as well as another hormone oxytocin, a chemical related to bonding. So, if you are just interested in getting laid and disbursing sperm, this “kiss” may not be your friend. Yet again, a “kiss”, if done “right”, may just get you laid…. I know - difficult decisions.

Does kissing affect men and women the same? What do we know? Scientifically that is.

Well, we know that women kiss to assess a man’s health as well as to preserve and maintain a relationship, while men place less importance on the kiss and are more likely to use it to end a quarrel, fain affection, get forgiveness, or increase his likelihood of getting laid. Men are twice as likely to have sex with a bad kisser, while women will assess the kiss and determine if she will stay or kiss again.

The consequence; guys if you are a bad kisser your chances of getting “lucky” sharply decline. Now remember, it is not only technique, it is also genetics… Like “secret agents”, you are passing on vital cryptic information. Homeland security is going to have a ball with this.

I can see the headlines now…A Nation Under Siege. Security Compromised…. Confidentiality And Identity At Risk… Lip Lockers Land 15 To Life… Legislation To Follow National Security Breach…

Ok, back to reality or at least a semblance of it.

If you may remember from previous blogs, we have discussed how staring at women’s breasts can reduce stress for men, lowering their blood pressure and decreasing the risk for hypertension. Kissing, we find, may have stress reducing properties as well but only evident in committed relationships. Where kissing can increase your pulse rate and stimulate certain areas of your body in NEW relationships, it can sooth the soul and lower the heart rate in committed ones.

It is interesting that in studies where groups were to kiss for 15 minutes and others were to talk for 15 minutes - no kissing allowed… Subjects found it much easier to kiss than to talk…. It appears sustained kissing reduced tension while talking may have increased it, in turn making it harder to sustain. It was also easier to find subjects for the kissing group than the talking group… Go figure huh?

It appears it is time to haul it in, loosen the cinch and go for a rub down…. No, I am talking about a horse but I am not opposed to the other either. Not all wrangles waved good-bye to the girl, kissed the horse, and rode off into the sunset…

As for kisses, maybe we need to be more exclusive or then again, maybe we need to be more adventurous. The more information the better choices we have…. I cannot think of a better way to gather information.

As usual, it is all about choice. I have made mine…. Have you made yours? I have stolen a few, been given a lot, and returned many but I never kiss and tell…. That’s not about genetics or choice. It’s all about character….

Until later, this reservation recluse has some fieldwork to do…Lip-gloss maybe; it could be a good topic…the flavorful kind…. Double blind study with independent variables.

MMMM… This could be interesting as well as stress reducing…

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