Thursday, March 20, 2014

Purpose, Something We All Need!

Or It’s all in the throw of the dice and how the game is played.

As I was once told, in Montana you never mess around with another man’s women unless you are given the chance. 

You never piss into the North wind unless your only other option is to pee your pants and you never f*** around with someone else’s “ride” unless that ride has t*ts instead of tires, then it is more like an obligation. 

Maybe that’s why there are few “old” Montana Cowboys left. Instead of dying with their boots on, they die with their pants around their ankles.

Morning comes early and 16-hour days continue. I continue to contemplate my purpose and question my existence. I find no answers but I know that the way out is through and all life seeks zero.

As electricity seeks the negativity of grounding, we were born to die and through death comes life. It is in faith that one grows and in faith that one walks the narrow path along canyon walls. The high mountain air is thin. It burns the lungs and gives vision to the mind. One-step further draws one closer, away from the past and into the future through the steady steps of today.

"It is in this way I continue; for I am my brother’s keeper.”

Each of us has our purpose. Each of us finds it on different paths. Each of us looks. Only some of us look with intention… It is that time of year when we seek new beginnings. We look where we have been and try to identify where we are going. We resolve to do better this time. It is a time for change.

Winter is all about us. Life appears dormant before a coming spring. It is difficult to find the motivation to make the changes we have committed to and we find it more comfortable to snuggle next to a flickering fire, or wrap ourselves within warm arms.

We may also be pulled by that bottle of Jose. Caught within the oblivion and numbing it takes us. We find comfort in the stability of the moment and the familiarity of the past. Even if the past was not what we intended it to be.

Finding a sense of purpose is vital in today’s world. Without it we leave ourselves open for others to manipulate our environment, in order to meet their wants and needs. Be it in a relationship or the work place. Purpose helps us make sense of the world around us, as well as our role within it. Not only who am I, but also what is it I am supposed to do.

Purpose gives one direction and the energy to make things happen. It helps one with accountability as well as responsibility. Purpose helps one feel better, about who they are and helps them take that next step into where they are going.

"Without purpose, we sit and wait."

Now’s the time we are to gather that sense of direction. That vision of who you are and where you are going. It is the time to have patience, as it is a time of development with small steps towards action. Once the vision is clear and the steps put into place, the rest will come.

In the early development of change, we often question the value of our purpose and question its validity. We are often faced with doubt and obstacles that throw us back into past patterns of thought and behavior. It is here we need stability of decision not the impulsivity of action.

I may sound like all of this is easy. It is not! May find excuses to stay stagnant and watch their world move on, sometimes without them. Some find it comfortable to be within its wake and the pull of the moon when it is full. Others seek the comfort of the night and feed upon whatever is near. Many are oblivious to the DarkSide and what it can do when one just “exists”: no matter the reason for that existence.

Purpose, at times, changes. We are all made aware of the importance, of even little things, when we make this journey. We are aware how we play a small but vital role to our family, our friends, and our co-workers. That maybe we too can make a difference in this world, even if it is in a small way.

It is challenging not to abandon our purpose for the impulsive draw of another’s want or desire; even our own. It is important to understand and know there is a difference between the three: purpose, want and desire.

As I continue to make my search, I challenge you to make yours. If you already have, I commend you. It is not going to be an easy journey but I promise you it will be a journey worth taking. It will be a journey that is rewarding and fulfilling. You will find unexpected pleasures at places where once stood confusion and doubt.

This journey will lead you to you and as you walk hand-in-hand, you will find yourself bound to others. Purpose is that way. It gives a sense of “peace, comfort, and joy”. Sort of like an old Christmas song, only it lasts longer than the holidays.

So until next time, give this some thought. Where are you with your sense of purpose? It helps one not lose their way. It can be a guiding light during a dark night. It can give souls to Vampires and Wolves, letting them transform into the light, feeding and protection no longer needed.

This Reservation Recluse has been accused of being too “cryptic” before and I have probably gone there again but for some of you this will ring true and there will be understanding… for others? Well, purpose is good at any time and at any place.

Maybe it’s time for all of us to challenge our direction and see not only where we have been but where we are going…

As some “elders” use to say, “When one cannot see far into the night, one should not be afraid to open one’s eyes.”

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