Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine’s Day – Love, Romance or NASCAR

In either case, it is in the opportunity to become involved that is important and today is one of those days that “opportunity” is made for… Be it Romance or the Daytona 500, February 14 is a day to enjoy…

Ok, so it is just a little T and T - “tacky and tasteless” but the thought is there nonetheless. And yes, intention is important. Without it, motivation just sits there and we do nothing… Letting opportunities to enjoy or express our “intentions” pass for yet another time or another day.

When is the last time you had “intentions” or have you gotten so callous or use to your current situation that you no longer take the risk to reap the benefits? I know, it takes energy and lately you have had little of it. You have been focused on your work, on your kids, building your business or on why you are spending too many evenings and weekends alone. You may have forgotten what it was like to get out of your comfort zone and express your intentions.

Today can be a day to let another know that you care and they are important to you - a day to get out of YOU and into another; not just a time to do the same ole same ole that you have been doing these past few months.

If you are one of the few true Romantics left, you have already felt the excitement of today and the “flush” of what may be to come. If not, today maybe just the day to begin.

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of Diamonds and Chocolate. No, I am not suggesting you run out to “Jared’s” or that you purchase a truckload of “Russell Stover’s”. I am talking about what they represent. They are “special” - something out of the ordinary, unless your lifestyle leads to Diamonds and Chocolate on a daily basis.

If you have paid attention to some of the “weird” news out there you will find that in anticipation of today, some Texas Growers are marketing that Watermelon “may” have a “Viagra” effect. This, right after a young man from Georgia claimed that his favorite masturbation technique was using sun-baked watermelons. Oh, not a good visual image… I wonder if it has to be seedless… Before or after? OK, T and T – tacky and tasteless…. No pun intended….

Now, it is not that I don’t like Watermelon… it does have its merits but not in the above categories… and NO, I have not tried it but there is no scientific evidence that points to either being correct; at least that this Reservation Recluse can find.

Watermelon does contain citrulline that transforms into an amino acid, which is involved in nitric oxide synthesis. A synthesis, which is a primary player in making Woody, woody, but it is not all that simple…. Just like being “nice” to someone doesn’t mean you love or even like them. It is more complicated than that. Therefore, unless you just want to make frequent trips to the bathroom, watermelon is not your answer…. Then again, who am I to pass judgment on your taste or your practices…?

Now, Diamonds speak for themselves… I have never known anyone who doesn’t like them and , dressing your favorite gall in something silky with an accent of a class “D” diamond will get Woody’s attention faster than anything I know. Kick it off with some hand feed Swiss Chocolate and it may even get you laid…

Ok, that was a huge statement. Is there scientific evidence to this or is it anecdotal as well? Well, we know that Dark Chocolate has multiple health benefits. It is rich in antioxcidants, which have been proven to improve heart health. It can also decrease blood pressure and lower the risk of diabetes in healthy individuals. Dark chocolate has been known to reduce C - reactive protein which is an indicator of inflammation in the body, hence dark chocolate may also have anti-inflammatory benefits…. To kick it all off, Dark Chocolate keeps you feeling full longer. That translates into eating less with a reduced craving for fatty, salty, and sweet foods. Not bad huh?

Now, turn down the lights... Put on some soft, caressing music… open a bottle of your favorite wine …dip 3-5 strawberry’s in dark chocolate and gently let her lick the chocolate off the berry… feeding her slowly, biting softly, letting the juices tease her tastes and play with her senses….

Let me know if your get through the five dipped berries…

Not too scientific but today I think it is the research that really counts….

This reservation Recluse is going to the market… No, not watermelon… Berries and Dark Chocolate… I already have the wine…

As usual, it is a choice… As you can see, I’ve made mine…. Go make yours… It’s all about intention and expression…. The risk? I am not sure if I see any….

Until later…. Enjoy today… It only hangs around once a year….

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