Tuesday, February 4, 2014


How To Get There

Or When To Get Off
Ok, you’re asking yourself, “What does he know?” “He’s a guy for God’s sake….” Well, you’re right. I am a guy and no, God has nothing to do with it… But with a little bit of exploration and experimentation, even guys can gain a little knowledge… Besides, it’s close to the NEW YEAR. What a better way to “Faze” out the old and “Ring” in the NEW! You’ve heard of “ringing your chimes” or “having your bell rung”? Believe me it has nothing to do with the Holiday Spirit. Then again?

Recently I have been asked to talk more about sex, so I thought, “Cum and Go”, “Bells and Chimes” mmmmm maybe, just maybe….. As a New Year Comes, an old one Goes…. So be it with other things as well.

So what do we know about “Chime Ringing” or the allusive “Big O”?

Well, we know there are two major types of Orgasms women have and as some things “Cum and Go”, so do Orgasms. No, we are not talking about mini-marts and the gas stations one sees around Montana and Wyoming. They are spelled with a “K” and what you get when you are finished with the “pump” is just gas… No, not the intestinal track stuff... No, not the big “O” either…. Just Fuel!

So we are straight, right? Then again maybe that is not the right word to use either for it doesn’t really matter. Orgasms do not differentiate between sexual preferences or whether you are solo, tandem or having a party.

Ok, so you’re “at the pump” and you’re picking your “octane”…. You typically have two different types to choose from, Clitoral or G Spot…. You’ve more than likely heard of these as “vaginal orgasms” and yes you are right, there are different “hot” spots or “erogenous zones” but we can cover those at another time. The “G Spot” we covered, in depth, a while back if you remember… 1) How to find it and 2) What to do with it once you’ve found it. And yes, it is OK to refresh your memory. Go back if you have to.

Now, how to make the Clitoris pay dividends? Ok, these are economic HARD times… No pun intended….

Intercourse, in and of itself, does not guarantee Orgasm. Alright, you already knew this… No huge surprise……. You may have experienced it? Ok, you have experienced it! I was just giving you the benefit of the doubt…. No need to take offense… Good…. Now what? What about plain ole F-----g?

Coitus, in and of itself can be one of the most awkward ways to stimulate a woman and it leaves a whole universe out there untapped. “What?” you say. It’s not just push and pump….? Universe? Exploration? It sounds more like Battle Star Galactica than “hooken up” and “Coitus Interrupt-us” isn’t where we want to go either.

One of the first things a person needs to know is that being aware of one’s own body is vital, especially when it comes to the Big “O”. As boys, men learn the pleasures of masturbation and quickly discover that “self abuse” is not really abuse after all. Further study promptly displaces the blindness theory as well. With girls it is not as obvious. Self exploration is not as readily explored and guilt is often attached. Consequently orgasms can be and to some, are allusive.

Exploring one’s own body and being aware of its pleasures is essential to Orgasm. It is in this exploration and masturbation that many women find the magic button and get themselves off, for the first time, by clitoral stimulation. Many women find they are unable to climax during traditional sex because they are not fully aware of their different vaginal sensations. They are not familiar with the variety of stimulations available to enjoy the effects to the fullest extent. They leave another Universe, of vaginal sensation, untapped.

If left unaware due to the failure to self explore, how can one communicate to their partner what is pleasurable or what they want? How can they find and enhance what truly gives them pleasure? In other words what you don’t know you can’t share. And as far as “interrupt-us” goes let’s not even get started….. Leaving it to your partner to guide you through this is like letting a two year old pick out your transportation…. This is something you need to take control of….

Mutual exploration is fun and erotic but if you are going to put yourself in someone’s “hands” don’t let it be All State… You are better off in YOUR OWN, at least to begin with; then try taking the “Solo” “Tandem”. It’s worth the effort…..

Vital as it is to learn to read you and your partner’s erotic pleasure signs, it is also important to ask questions when exploring new areas or new sexual techniques. What? Run that by me one more time…

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not putting down traditional intercourse or “getting laid”. It is and can be very erotic, emotionally stimulating and very arousing but compared to the degree of stimulation to the clitoris by oral sex and masturbation, it can be left wanting. Yes, “dinning out” and traditional “finger foods” can lead to a more direct “Story of O”. Combinations of the three can lead to an “epic movie”.

Incorporating manual stimulation, while at the “pump”, can intensify ones arousal and trigger an orgasm just as well as correctly hitting and stroking the G spot can. True, no one really wants to study Geometry during intercourse but as we talked about before, knowing what positions stimulate the G Spot will help achieve Orgasm and heighten arousal responses. Combinations of the two can “Rock her World”.

So until next time, it’s time to practice…. And as they say in my part of the world: Save a horse. “Ride a Cowboy”……

This Reservation Recluse has some “field work” to do …. We will get into the mechanics of that next time…..

As always, it’s a choice….. I’ve made mine… Now go make yours…..

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