Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stimulating The G Spot During Intercourse - a man's guide...

Or “Are you sure you can do this?”

Ok, another week has pasted and by now you have found it! "Glory Be to the “G”! At least I hope so and you have found that stimulation by massage was worth the effort. Now the question is?

Can the G Spot be stimulated in intercourse?
Yes, it can but it is all about position. That’s right, position. It all depends on the angle you and your partner position yourself. Not all positions stimulate this zone. For example, positioning yourself across from each other at the breakfast table does nothing to or for any of the major erogenous zones...... Bummer, huh? Yet, it can all start within the twinkle of the eye.

That’s under foreplay if you have forgotten and it is "SEXUAL" positioning we are talking about... Not Thanksgiving seating.....

Yes, the good old "Kama Sutra" may be of benefit here. You might want to dust it off your shelf or make a trip to Walden Books. If you are too embarrassed to do that, will bring it right to your front door. Now that that’s settled, on to more penetrating information..... No pun intended....

Being able to stimulate the G Spot during intercourse will definitely increase the likelihood of your partner triggering orgasm. That said, you will have to experiment with different positions and yes, it does take energy, time and communication but this can be enjoyable in and of itself... It is all part of the “whole” experience.
Now, what about those positions?

Well, a few positions couples have found, which employ significant pressure and improve the likely hood of G Spot stimulation, are 1) The Primal Animal – from behind, 2) Ride Cowgirl Ride – girl on top, with her slowly leaning into his chest and 3) Glory B to “G” – male knelling with female’s legs on his shoulders.. Of course there are more... I have just cited a few. You just have to use your imagination and practice..... Buying a copy of the "Kama Sutra" may also help or not, but not unless you read it and practice. And NO, taking up space on the night stand does not count.

You will find that any position, where she can control the pressure and where the angle of penetration “hits the spot”, will provide the desired outcome. Now, add clitoral stimulation and you may really “rock her world”. Yet remember, the two areas are different and need different types of stimulation... They are in two different places and respond differently to different techniques. One needs a faster, gentler flickering touch while the other needs firmer steady massaging pressure.

Now guys, something you need to remember and never forget…. I mean NEVER FORGET, no matter what, Ok? Now listen…. Once she is approaching an orgasm it is VITAL that you do not change anything. Continue the same technique the closer she gets to “the trigger point” of orgasm… NEVER EVER STOP; not to change position, not to take a breath, not to relax the “Charley Horse” you are having and not to question if she is OK…... It is vital to keep on keeping on until her climax is triggered. Once triggered, she may want you to stop the stimulation as the intensity can be so great. That’s OK. Listen to her. If she does not tell you to stop, keep on keeping on……

Bear in mind any variation and change, at this point in the game, can take it all away from her. It’s like driving towards the Goal with no time left on the clock and fumbling at the one yard line….. Someone’s gonna die or wish he had because there will be no joy in the locker room that night….

As we have said, until you learn otherwise, continue the stimulation right on through her climax; the resulting orgasm will lead to a breath taking, mind blowing experience and you the STUD MUFFIN of the night. But remember, it is up to her to guide you. It’s up to you to follow. Pay attention and take her lead…. She will show you. You are going to have to listen to both her body responses and her words.

Now, having said keep on keeping on, there are times when you might want to taunt her by pausing, building her intensity and then letting her sense of exigency settle. It is allowable to do this as long as you deliver the goods in the end. Remember, when the two of you have "primed" her awakening and are now close to triggering her climax, it is at this point you help her push though

reaching her climax. It is not the time to take it away from her.

It is important to know your partner's responses to touch. For example, women often become frustrated and can sometimes loose a great deal of excitement if her partner puts a pause in the proceedings just prior to her achieving an orgasm. We have just talked about this. Do this more than once and there will be no more re-rides Cowboy…..

So, what is good for you is not always good for her. A guy's intensity can be significantly increased if his partner pauses one or more times on the climb toward an orgasm, If she starts again a few moments later, the intensity builds. It is not the same with her….. Rather than stopping her buildup by pausing as she might do for you, consider altering your stimulation. You can do this so the feeling does not stop but relaxes slightly before intensifying a few seconds later. In this manner she should not lose the intensity and stop the momentum that triggers the orgasm. It is here you have more control and can either “rock her world” or “not”.

Now, it might not sound much like a choice but it is…. Maybe it sounds more like a “no brainer” but it is up to YOU. If you have not experienced it, it might be worth the effort to give it a whirl. If you have, I think you will agree that it’s worth doing it again…. Not all this comes “naturally”. Yes, one does have to work at it and learn. Just think if they would have taught this is school? That again is yet another story or yet another time.

So until next time…. Keep the powder dry, your ass deep in the saddle and keep a gentle touch on the reins. It time for this Reservation Recluse to saddle up and ride a wide circle…

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