Thursday, June 20, 2013

Of Vampires and Wolves -Possibilities and Intentions

Of Vampires and Wolves -Possibilities and Intentions

Maybe a Good Night after all

A fifth of tequila, a 40 caliber Glock, a set of cuffs and a handful of 100 dollar bills… What was missing were the two twenty-year-old Vampires. The Wolf was already in the room. It is an age-old story; the saga between two sets of immortals… Each needing the other to survive, yet the struggle is ageless… As the story goes, only one leaves the world intact… Later that night, well after midnight, the two Vampires arrive. They enter the room. Eyes glance towards the tequila and cuffs near the bed. The youngest Vampire moves towards the nightstand, picks up and seductively plays with the Glock. The Wolf looks into the endless pool of the oldest Vampires eyes. He is drawn closer. She smiles. The Dance begins!

We fight this battle between Possibility and Intention every day. We don’t always recognize it and we don’t always understand it but we do fight it. The battle between what we feel we have to do and what we believe is right to do…. Sometimes in the struggle, we forget the reality of the situation and we are pulled into the seductive distortion of making what we do right because the end goal, our focus is just…. It is there we take the next step onto the platform of the DarkSide. It pulls us, not gently but seductively with Passion and Intention. We believe Possibilities are endless… It is Deceiving, it is Enticing and it is Addictive… We do things we never believed we would. We take ourselves places we never thought we could. It is here we transform. It is here we begin to lose who we are. Yet the step into the DarkSide is a choice. It is afterwards that the choice goes away and coldness of the Dark takes over.

It gets easier with time. We actually find some seductive pull from it. There is power. There is grace and yet there is no structure to the form. It is a dance of a 1000 veils. The allusion of what we all want to believe, at least for a fleeting moment; that we are of value, we are important and we are desired. It is here the Vampire and the Wolf walk within the same moon-filled night. It is the Twilight of the hour. It is here in gaining independence and power we become controlled. Paid for, not by a handful of $20’s but by fragments from our soul and it is here, at the time we become good at the deception that we know we have to leave; to walk away from the DarkSide and step into the Light. If we do not, the transformation becomes permanent and finding our way back almost an impossibility; yes, Possibilities and Intentions. In the Light, these take on new dimensions and new meaning.

It is here we have the opportunity to walk towards new beginnings and forge ahead into new avenues of Trust, Responsibility, and Truth. To whom do we owe these? We owe it to ourselves first. Only then we can claim ownership in order to give to others. Truth, we find within. Responsibility, lies within the relationships we form and Trust, we find in the relationships we choose to develop. Yet, to do this we need time and opportunity to tell our story. It is through the telling of the story we make sence of where we have been and end the probability of defaulting to the seduction of past skills and seemingly easy pathways. Yet telling our story is difficult. We tend to move away from the difficult for fear of falling back into its vortex. It is the Paradox of control and Intention, closing Possibilities…

As always, it’s a choice… Is it time for you to make one? I have made mine. Will you make yours? A handful of 20’s or your soul? I know, at least the 20’s you can see. But stop; take a close look inside… the soul you can feel… It’s your choice… I have faith, do You?

Until later, this reservation recluse is going to reload, buy a bottle of good tequila, and head for a dimly lit motel room. It is becoming dark and the moon is full…. Of Vampires and Wolves – Possibilities and Intentions

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