Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Short And Long Of It All

Or the Rise and Fall of Impotent Decisions….

Does the penis discriminate? Ok, so you don’t think that is a good question but really how much of a military regime does it have? Does it stand readily at attention or does it fall too easily, “at easy” soldier.

How many demerits does it get or give for you not being “in shape”? Are the consequences severe?

Would you believe that impotence affects nearly 15 million men in American and that current research suggests being overweight increases the risk of developing impotency? Now, what does that tell you?

That’s right Size does matter, at least around the waistline. Current research states that men with waistlines of 42 inches were twice as likely to have erectile problems as men who sport a 32 inch waistline….

In addition to weighing more, these men tend to be less active and more apt to suffer from associated health concerns such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. All this significantly affects blood flow, not only to the heart but to the “heart” of other “muscle” matters as well…. Size around the waistline can determine “Size” in other areas….

Consequently, your love life is going to take a back seat to the couch, the remote control a cold six pack of beer and watching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders perform at half time. Your performance reduced to “Spectator”. Alas, no more Gold for the Indoor Olympics. The Lone Ranger is not riding again and Tonto is not about to save your sorry “ass” this time around…. Even “Riding Solo” does not seem to be much of an option…

So where does all this lead? Well, maybe men may start looking at life style choices in a different manner; such as plenty of exercise and a healthy diet now that “Wondering Willie” is at stake. Not that there hasn’t been reason to sit up and take notice before but never underestimate the “impotence” of such decisions when “impotent” consequences are at stake…. It is starting to become personal!

So gals, if he is just too “frisky” for you most of the time and he is always “poken around” when you just want to be “layen around”; stir up a chocolate cake, pop open his favorite beer and sit him down in front of the game with a remote and a large pizza. Chances are it won’t be “Too Long” before his desire will be out “weighted” by his performance, or lack of…. And guys…. Better watch those Sunday afternoon games….

So what’s the answer? There may not be a clear cut answer but it may be worth the effort to turn off the TV, go for a run, and get some cardiovascular. You may just “rise” to the occasion more like you use to….. It will help your health. It will help your attitude. It will help your endurance and sooner that later, you too may be “living large” within a healthy life style and relationship.

So, now that you know what have you to lose; ten inches off your middle? You just might have something to gain…. No, it’s not exponential but don’t you think it is worth the effort.

As some reservation recluse once said, “Shouldn’t we all rise to the occasion if we can?” I think it is better than wishing we could….

The last “Uprising” should not have been at the Little Big Horn in Montana. It could start a little closer to home….

As always, it is a choice….. I’ve made mine….. Now go make yours…..

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