Thursday, May 30, 2013

We Must Change

One thing is certain… Nothing is ever like it was. That means no matter how we feel or what we do, change is the only constant we have and it is evolving faster than it ever has before.

In an age where we change relationships like we do a pair of pants and where the best thing your new employer can offer you is that you will leave your present job with more knowledge than you came into it with is no comforting thought. Or is it?

Today’s Colleges and University’s are training individuals for JOBS and CAREERS that were not even in existence 10 years ago and may not even be a thought today. Longevity in a JOB has a half life less than the $2.45 per gallon you use to put into your car. True, you can not count on circumstance but maybe you can count on YOU. Remember last week when we talked about LEADERS managing CHANGE? That is one thing that has not changed, ever!

Now, what does this mean? Does it mean the same to Corporate Finance as it does to you and me? The answer is YES. In the Corporate world it is about RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT. They understand that CHANGE is inevitable and to be on the cutting edge they DEFINE and MANAGE this change. If they do it well, they are extremely profitable… Their business GROWS; their productivity increases and their products meet the needs of their consumers…. The car that FORD developed at the turn of the century is no where near the Hybred produced today. LEADERS manage change... the same lies with YOU.

I know, it is not a comforting thought that you and you alone are responsible for your life and that you and you alone hold the only true accountability for your existence. That what you may have thought was a Right is in reality a Privilege and this privilege does not come without a price. The price? Your accountability, your responsibility and your energy…

It is not the time to wait for someone else to make it RIGHT. To wait for someone else to go the distance and to do all that it takes for you to reach YOUR goal. Ok, so entitlement isn’t your issue and you have not been just sitting on the sidelines. More than likely you have been trying to “control process”. That means you are in a “crises” state. Sadly to say, when you get good at managing Crises, the only thing you mange to do is Crises. Does this have a familiar ring?

If you really want to embrace the constant of CHANGE then you can not do it like you have been doing it; that is more of the same. True, it’s comfortable. It’s minimal risk. It’s also a wish in one hand and a pile of ----- in the other… Ok, you know what I mean… Like a successful business, you have to be concerned with DEVELOPMENT; Your development, Your vision, Your life and Your future….

I know, it is not the right time, nor the right place, you may not even be the right person… You may need to drop 20 pounds, or you may need to get past the relationship that just turned into a pair of LEVI’S or you may be “waiting for that perfect moment”. I hate to tell you, that PERFECT moment will not come. If you wait, you will continue to manage crises and fall victim to the whims of circumstance. Too little money, too little time, not enough love, not enough respect, not the right job, not the right car. The list goes on and the list is endless.

What ever happened to idealism and commitment? What ever happened to identifying a goal based on a huge vision, and passion? What ever happened to Excitement? What ever happened to doing all that is necessary to reach that dream? What ever happened to doing ALL that it takes? What has happened to fulfilling YOUR vision rather than managing someone else’s Crises. Life throws many things our way and not all of it is good but what has happened to the belief that how we handle it produces character and what we do with it produces success?

Start by being both responsible and accountable for YOUR life. Make a stand! I understand that it is difficult in this “wishy washy” time of political correctness but have the guts to dream again and develop a vision that scares the Hell right out of you; a vision worthy of your fear and worthy of your commitment. If not, you will become responsible and accountable for all the “crap” that is thrown your way. You will become reactionary to situations and only find solace in the small time given you while Life “reloads”.

I know, maybe I have more faith and courage in your convictions than you do. I am not asking you to have either faith, courage o r conviction. I am asking you to dream, to reach outside of yourself and be all that you can be and ever wanted to be. To be the best Dad, the best Mom, the best Son or best Daughter you can be. The other bests are just choices. Roles we play while developing who we are and where we are headed.

When becoming a leader of your own life it is best to start with something you know.

The world is ever changing and our role is more vital now than it ever has been. We can embrace this change as the Oak stands against the wind. Its secret lies in its strength and ability to bend. It changes ever so slightly its position yet stands firmly upon its conviction. As with the changing of the seasons, change brings with it life to the world. As our world changes so must we…. As Individuals we must manage that change. We must be the leaders of this time and not fall into just controlling its processes. When we just adjust we do not thrive and when we do not thrive we do not survive. It is a day to day struggle and you are important.

I know, it’s all about choices…. and yes, I have made mine…. It’s your turn to make yours…. The opportunity is now, the responsibility? YOURS! Now go be accountable….

“We must be the change we see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

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