Friday, August 21, 2015

Sexual Healing

Sex!  Safer than going to a pharmacy...?

Sex! Safer and more enjoyable than “over the counter treatments”.?. Is that a question or a statement?

In either case, it just might be true. The next time he says, “Baby, I’m soooo good for you. He just might be right.”

Not only can sex burn calories and relieve pent up stress, this “on the counter”, “across the desk” or just plain ole “bedroom aerobics”, may just enhance your immune system. No kidding? No kidding!

Research conducted at a University in PA found that individuals who had sex as often as once and twice a week had substantially higher levels of Immunoglobulin A than individuals who abstained from the “belly bumpen, hip rocken, general in and out of sexual antics.

Yes, you heard me right! Moderate sexual activity can enhance the body’s defenses against such things as the common cold and the flu. Now, before you men get too carried away... More is not always better. Having sex three or more times per week fell into the same category as abstinence. Go figure. I guess more is not always better… Sorry guys!

So, what do we know about sex and its benefits to the human body and relationships? Does this mean we forgo immunization for an across the counter, over the bar, in the bedroom use and abuse him physical tirade of sexual exploits. No it doesn’t, but it does mean sex may be better for you than your mother once knew or did not tell you about.

We know that vaginal stimulation produces a strong pain-blocking effect and if you stimulate the controversial "G-spot", we know the body raises its overall pain threshold over 100 percent and over 80 percent with general, vaginal stimulation. So what does this say about headaches, menstrual cramps, and chronic pain? It could mean vaginal stimulation, during sexual play, may relieve pain anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours….

Now that’s significant. If this information is correct, it says a lot for “taking one for the team” doesn’t it? So the next time you say I have a headache…. Well, you get the point… No pun intended… Ok, so it’s not a “point” and “no”, one doesn’t have to have a “rod to comfort thee”. You don’t need a penis to stimulate the “G” spot or “Comfortably” pleasure the vagina. Sorry guys…

As for men, sex may reduce the risk of heart attack and promote general overall health for males... A 10-year follow up study, in England, found there might even be a longevity benefit for men. Ok, some of you say we are around too long anyway but look at the possibilities.

Their study revealed mortality rates were 50 % lower, over 10-year period, among men who had frequent orgasms than men who did not. So guys, getting laid once or twice a week appears to be better for you than an apple a day to keep the doctor away. Not only does it promote better health and enjoyment, you live longer….

Recent studies also indicate that sperm has an antidepressant effect when absorbed through the vaginal walls. For women who exhibited mild to moderate depression or the classic, “I’ve become a bitch, say hello and die” syndrome, sex was as effective as some traditional antidepressants.

The study indicated that women who had regular sex, were less depressed. On an average, there was a 30% more effectiveness rating for these women than women who did not have sex or used protective sex, where the sperm was not absorbed…

Ok, this is not news to some of you…Sex can enhance mood. It is one reason we find it difficult to stay away from before we are old enough to know the difference...  In adolescence we seek pleasure and avoid pain..  But what about  later when we do know different.  Or do we?  Maybe we really don't.

So the next time you feel a little “bitchy” or have difficulty finding the energy and elevated mood to do what you usually do… Well, you get the picture…. What do you have to lose? Ok, don’t answer that… Maybe it was a self-serving question.

Now, some general statistics. Men who ejaculate frequently, 21 or more times per month, have a 33 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer compared to men to ejaculate 7 or less times per month. Now, who gets paid to do these studies? Can you visualize this? Ok, pen in hand… Stop watch out…. Next! “Sweetheart… I don’t want to die! Pleeeeaaaasssse !!!!!!” No? Not a good line? Ok, I’ll behave..

Then, we all know what they say about statistics...

Women who have sex, at least weekly, have menstrual periods that are more regular, more regular basal body patterns, and higher levels of estrogen than those women who are less sexually active. WOW, that’s good but what the hell does it mean?

It means that women who have sex, at least weekly, age more slowly, have fewer hot flashes, better cardiovascular health, greater bone density, less vaginal atrophy, and dryness. Who doesn’t want that? Sounds like a benefit to me…. But, who am I to know....

So the next time you hear someone say… “ All she needs is a good ****.” They may be right. Or the next time you say that the best way to get over a “bad relationship” is to “get under” a good man. You may be right!

Maybe we should not be so afraid of this thing called “sex”.

Ok, so sex is healthy and good for you. If you don’t believe me, ask any 16-year-old boy… He even believes it will cure acne if he doesn’t go blind first… Seriously though, if you are a regular participant in “bedroom antics” or “kitchen kinetics”, this is not anything new. But, if you’re not, the next time you find yourself in an irritable mood or that headache just doesn’t seem to go away….

Well, you get the point… And the next time he says he will just die if he doesn’t get any… Well…. Chances are…. Ok, the reverse is not really true but it is worth a thought… Ok, you don’t get much for a penny now days…..   Not even a full thought!

Until later... It continues to remain a choice… the choice is yours… What do you have to lose? You might just have a whole relationship to gain and a healthy immune system to boot, but if you don’t what him to hang around forever. Well you get the idea.

This Reservation Recluse has a headache… Too bad it doesn’t work for us…. Motrin, guess it’s my best shot… Then again, studies also say that looking at breasts help men with their hypertension and lower the blood pressure….

Is it just me or does anyone else see where that could “lower” life expectancy…?

Just a thought…. And not a good one at that…. Maybe we just have to keep our mind open and come to grips with the fact that “Orgasm” can be a prescription that benefits the mind, body, and soul. The prescription for better relationships and a healthier body...

I can’t see a downside, even if all this is just Urban Legend with a Good Ole Cowboy Kick…. But then again… that’s me…. What about YOU?

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