Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Check Your Expectations At The Door....

Or No Matter Where You Go There You Are

Have you ever heard all those great things about a movie and when you finally see it you are deeply disappointed? Have you ever waited “forever” to go out with this guy or gal only to find out that you would have chewed off your left arm rather than had to wake up next to them the morning after what should have been the greatest night of your life? Or at least that is what you thought!

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you had planned every detail of what was going to happen and how it was to turn out, that everything was just going to be perfect…? And then you got some doubt that maybe it wasn’t and IT WASN’T! The emotional experience then slamming you like a tidal wave hitting the Island of Figgie or something…. And NO, the WET look was not SEXY. It was devastating.

This, my friend, has to do with Expectations…. And expectations have nothing to do with Them or It… They have all to do with YOU.

Now don’t get me wrong, not all expectations are BAD. Expectations can be good motivators and good reinforcement…. They can tell someone you really believe in them and trust them. Having expectations say something about your values and some research has shown that with expectations also comes success. Then again, they can knock your legs right out from under you….

So what’s the difference? Or is there? Well, I think there are differences and I believe it has to do with faith and support with a dash of “do”. Like the Beetles song. “Let it Be”…. Be-ing is not only a state, it is an ART…. It is the “Alpha and the Omega”, the “Beginning and the End”. It is all encompassing. It is living in the moment with all your energy and all your Be-ing….. You just check your expectations at the door…. And walk right into life…..

Expectations can really put a damper on the “here and now”… You expect him to be a better lover. You expect her to be more attentive. You expect him to be more considerate. You expect you not to be so sensitive. You expect him not to be such a “hard ass” and you expect you to not fall for every guy that smells of sweat and has sweet eyes…..

We expect a lot out of life… But can you really expect more than you put in? When do expectations become entitlement…..? Whoa that’s a big jump isn’t it?

Speaking Words Of Wisdom – Let It Be…..

So maybe just maybe, expectations can be a two edge sword. Without them we can become complacent and even disappointed…. With them we can become motivated and supported…. Maybe it is in the HOW and not the What… How expectations are used or misused… If they are of ourselves or someone else; if they are seen as a “given” or if they come with work….

Expectations are also the foundation of pedestals and it is impossible to stay on a pedestal… Whatever or whoever we place there ALWAYS fall off….

I was once told that you can expect all you want but if you don’t put one foot in front of the other you are just going to stay rooted to the ground…. That has a lot to do with “DO”. I guess if you expect one to change, or expect things to be different or if you expect the world to meet you at your level you will forever stay expecting…. And often ever so disappointed… But if you really take every moment as a gift, with your own hand at the helm, life can Be and really Is an adventure….

I know…. And you know… It’s a choice….. I’ve made mine…. Hopefully you HAVE made yours... If not… Give it a try…. NO, I don’t expect you to but ya know…. I have a little faith. I don’t expect ya not to either….

If you find that expectations are just getting in the way and letting you down; check them at the door…. You might find a totally new experience….

Until later then, this Reservation Recluse is going to cook up some fry bread, burn a little sage and light some sweet grass….

Keep you moccasins on your own feet and whatever else in your pants…. This way it will always be there when you EXPECT it to BE…

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