Friday, January 24, 2014

Finding the Gratenberg Area

This post all started when my 92 year old mother asked my older brother a question.  His response..  "Ask your other son."  So my mom being who she is, did...  Her question... 1) What is a G spot and 2) How do you find it...  I said, "Mom, what have you been reading?"

In response, I told her I would write a blog about it and if she had any further questions I would answer them...  So mom, this is for you.....

Or G Spot – Fact or Fiction
Where is the G Spot? Do you have one? Does everyone have one? Does anyone have one? No, I am not talking about the spot between F and H in the English alphabet. I am talking about what is called the G(ratenberg) Area.

Ok, guys, NO, you do not have one but it may be in your best interest to find hers. And NO, your GPS won’t help you here... Leave it at home! Find some other more exciting and personal way to “mark the spot”. I don’t believe your Boy Scout Manual will help you here but Dr. Ruth might....

So how does one go about finding this allusive animal anyway? And NO, contrary to some popular beliefs, a Credit Card does not work either....

I remember as kids we use to go “snipe” hunting with a gunny sack and flashlight. You first had to find the “Spot” then you took your time to make sure you didn’t scare anything away and you waited; light on and sack open...

Now, is the “G” the Spot or the Snipe....? Let’s hope it’s the Spot because the Snipe’s not real..... And yes, we are now adults.... We would look rather silly sitting naked on the edge of the bed with an open gunny sack and a flashlight... then again..... Back on track....

The easiest way to locate the G Spot is to have your female partner lie on her back. Yes, guys, the cloths have to be off.... Hers that is...Yours is optional.... And you need a “Slow hand and a Gentle but Firm touch”.... Close cut finger nails won’t hurt either.... Oh, no puns.... But for real.... Manicure those hands......

The G Spot, is located roughly 1.5-2" inside along the vaginal upper frontal wall. Many women testify intense orgasms come from having this area or (spot) stimulated. This area ranges in diameter from about the size of a dime to a quarter. Typically it has a different texture from the rest of the interior wall and you should be able to feel the difference; more like a miniature washboard than the rest of her inner sanctum.

Ok, so you don’t know what washboards are? Those were before your time? MMMM Let’s say it is a series of ridges - like a walnut, (not as smooth) as the rest of her play area, and when she is aroused it feels spongy. Do you think you have the idea? Probably not but let’s pretend, OK? OK! It also may help to think of it more as a zone than a “spot” and it is easier to find when she is aroused; so guys, “spend time on foreplay”. It will always pay off.

The G Spot is often thought of as the female ejaculatory center for a woman and the G Spot triggered orgasm is often associated with the mystical tale of 10-20 minutes of sensation close to euphoria, where she is in complete ecstasy... Now remember, I said mystical not magical or mythical. You are going to have to experiment for yourself..... For even fairy tales have some evidence of truth..... Plus you are going to have to have a willing partner who is open to such exploration.... Remember, play and an openness to explore are essential.

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking or G Spot Stimulation

Ok, now that you know the approximate area as well as its mythical qualities, it’s time to explore methodology. Take a deep breath, slow down your breathing. Relax; it’s not going to bite.

Ready? Now, gently insert your finger(s) approximately 1.5 to 3 inches while moving your finger(s) in even circles all around the inside of the vagina. Be gentle; but keep a firm constant pressure along the entire length of the vaginal wall. Then curve your finger(s) up with a "come here" motion, slowly sliding your fingertip along the top of the vagina until you find an area that is rougher than the rest of that interior wall.

Remember, it feels like a spongy walnut… Start applying extra pressure upwards, towards her stomach; easy and rhythmic while not breaking the steady circular rhythm. Now, stop rotating your fingers and rest the tip of your finger(s) on the (slightly ridged, spongy) area. If you have done it correctly, you will find this zone will lay just behind her pubic bone. Now gently exert pressure upwards, towards her belly. You are now directly stimulating the G Spot.

(Stimulation is best when she is highly aroused. Unlike the clitoris which needs a more gentle flickering touch the G-spot needs a firmer steady, massaging pressure.)

It usually feels best for her if your finger(s) are delicately moving. You can continue to move your finger(s) in small, deliberate circles, or position your finger(s) in more of a point and rock them back and forth. Try both if you are more adventurous as well as coordinated... Then you can decide if it is more of an Art than Sport. Some say both. I don’t think she will care.......

Combining the two can be a very successful technique. To do this you trace the inside of her vagina with your finger(s), while moving them in and out. Make sure that your fingertip always hits the G spot on each rotation. The key is to find a rhythm which is both comfortable and pleasant for her. When you achieve this and get it right, she will be wondering where you came from and what happened to her other guy!

One caution; remember it’s her spot not yours. It’s about HER not YOU. It is not a horse race to the finish line or a place to drop anchor and pop a beer like your old fishing spot. It’s about pleasure and doing something for her. In turn, you can both reap the benefits….

It is important to be aware that not all women are responsive to this type of stimulation and massage, so listen to her and take her lead. It is also important to enlist her help to provide feedback on what’s pleasurable and pay attention to how she is responding to your touch. Don’t think you know it all…..Do not assume you know what pleasures her…..

Until next time….. It’s all about choice but some choices are just too good to pass up. So until next time, this reservation recluse says, “leave your GPS at home”. It’s all about good old fashion “tracking”. It’s the process not the destination that heightens the experience….

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