Friday, August 9, 2013

Buns of Steel or a 50 Pound Ass'et: Part One

What works?

Weight... Even though we are becoming a Nation of Obesity, none of us have this as an issue, RIGHT, especially you females out there? I know, abs like washboards, buns of steel and an attitude that lets you walk through and over hot lava. For the rest of us, whether you have 5 pounds to take off your belly or 50 pounds off your ass'ett, most of us will engage in some sort of diet…

If you are like the majority of people in the country this will not be the first diet you have undertaken, so you have a decision to make. Do you have a plan that works for you or are you going to try something new, something different? Does that something have to do with burning fat, the appropriate mixture of foods, or the chemical combinations of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins? Your plan might even consider throwing in an exercise here and there, or NOT.

What works? What has worked for you? Do you have a favorite diet? For that matter what doesn’t work for you? No matter if you are the Diva of Diets or the Delectable Delight of Low Fat Deserts, diets seem to be in style. So what does present research say about diets? Do they work? Contrary to many, yes they do…. Is one diet better than the other? Contrary to popular belief, no there isn’t one better than another. The common denominator towards success is your ability to stay on one and being capable of changing a life style.

A recent study indicated no “significant” difference. This study was completed using one group who worked a low fat, low carbohydrate, high protein diet while the other group worked a high fat, moderate protein, moderate carbohydrate diet. The result was each group lost 15 pounds over 6 months and each group kept 12 pounds off over the year; hence, no difference… The only similarity was both groups ate approximately 700 calories less than they were use to and they “stuck to it”. I know, “sticking” to a Diet is a lot harder than having chocolate cake “stick” to your thighs. The only difference is that having someone eat chocolate cake off your thighs might be more fun. Ok, so you are not going to let him get that close until “thunder thighs” make the transformation to “buns of steel”. It’s still a thought though…. Ok, I’ll concede, not a very good one but give me a break, I’m a guy…….

So, what about exercise? Even though exercise is healthy, it is not the panacea for weight loss… The “dynamic duo” of exercise and fewer calories appear to make the most sense. AS for the caloric type, it does not appear to matter as long as you stick with it… Therefore, pick something that you can “live” with. Something that you can make a life style instead of something you feel trapped and abused by.
Even though there appears not to be a “right”, “best “diet there are some principles that appear to help.

One: Listen to your stomach. Feed it when it is hungry and stop when it is full. That means becoming aware of your body and your stomachs desire for food, not your brains. The answer lies in your hand. Less than a handful and you are not filling your stomach enough. More than a handful and you are filling it too much… That means the traditional 3 times a day 5 course meal is out! It gives way to over eating and sugar imbalances, which lead to binges and over eating. The same goes for “starvation central”. It will only get you the concentration, anorexia look and then a spring back to 10 more pounds than you started with; not a good vision! The Pillsbury Dough Boy or Girl is not our poster child…

Next week we will talk about general rules and examples of palm size portions. So until then you have some choices to make. Where do you want to be 6 months from now? Remember it has taken you years to put it on. It will take you more than a few weeks to take it off…. A life style change is not a DIEt. It is a LIVit…… Until later then…

Eat when you’re hungry, drink when your dry and make love when the opportunity arise, three things that one should never put off until tomorrow. Putting off until tomorrow only makes for regret and binge behaviors…

Until next week, this Reservation Recluse is going to refuel…. A palm full of jerky and three fingers of good bourdon – on the rocks… to hell with “shaken and not stirred”.

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