Thursday, October 24, 2013

Get Over It Or Die Pissed Off

Now that’s a statement isn’t it? When something doesn’t go just right or something is not the way you really intended or someone really disappointed you… have you ever said to yourself, “Well, I guess I am going to have to get over it or Die Pissed Off?”

No, not really? Well, maybe you ought to give it some hard thought.

True, the emotion can be “sad”, “worried”, “afraid”, “controlling”, even “disappointed”. It can be any of the “feelings” we all have. There are hundreds of them but the ones that really get us into trouble and the ones that truly take us to our grave are the Major Four Disabling Emotions that cause the majority of human upset; ANGER, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY and INADEQUACY.

These are the FOUR HORSESMAN that ride our misery and cause the majority of our major emotional problems; these emotional problems then drive our behavior and affect our lives in a truly major way. So why do we hold on to them so frantically? Why is it so hard to “Get over it”? By now you know I am all about “choice”. That the decisions we make in our lives and the manner in which we hold ourselves accountable make “huge” differences in what we do, how we feel and what we think.

What if it was truly your choice to “get over it” or stay caught in that vortex until you do… And that if you don’t, you would truly take it to your grave. Would you make that choice and then do what is necessary to make it “right”? I know, it’s not all that easy but maybe it is possible… sometimes it is all about decision and the choice to take the “high” road for self and others. Sometimes it is all about just “letting it go”.

What would happen if you did not harbor the resentments you have held for so long? What would happen if you decided to do something about the situation you are in instead of worrying about what might or is going happen sometime in the future. What would happen if you seriously looked at what you can do rather than what you can’t do? What would happen if you focused on solutions rather than all that hinders you? What would happen if you decided to reach out to the person who angers you rather than reminding yourself why you are angry and how they mistreated you in the first place...

What would happen if you just let it go…? What would happen if you just “got over it”?

Sometimes we face the enemy and the enemy is ME….. Sometimes, the face in the mirror is the one we need to make amends with. Sometimes, yes sometimes, all we have to do is get up on the other side of the bed. Do something different today…..

So until next time…. Give it some thought…. I know, I know! It’s all about choice…. You’ve made yours and now I have to make mine….

I think this Reservation Recluse is going to exercise his right to choose! So until next time… give it a try. You may like the results….

And remember, keep your silhouette off the ridges and ride with a full canteen when you find you have to cross the desert…. Maybe it’s time to take a calculated risk…….

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